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Foxy's fabuLASH is Ludingtons only lash extension boutique. We are conveniently located on Ludingtons Main Avenue and we specialize in individual lash extensions. This is a technique where we extend your natural lashes to frame your eyes for an immediate visual transformation!! Foxy's takes synthetic lash extensions(mink, faux mink, and silk), that are replicated to look like a natural lash, and we adhere one extension to each one of your very own natural lashes for an eye popping effect that makes getting ready in the morning a breeze. No need for mascara, these extensions will complete any look!!
At Foxy's we use the very best products. Our award winning, medical grade adhesives and lash extensions are the best in the industry. It's important to know what products are being used on your eyes, so we encourage you to look up our product line at for more information on our adhesives, supplies, and extensions.
You will be in good hands with us... most salons offer lashes as an added service, but at Foxy's fabuLASH ALL WE DO ARE LASHES, LASHES, AND MORE LASHES!! All day, everyday.... it's our specialty!!
We don't recommend using this website to contact  us bc we do not keep up with this site as well as we keep all of our recent pic
tures & new services on our FB page.

To view pictures of our clients, and to read reviews on our services, please go to our Foxy's fabuLASH Facebook Page.
Call or message us on FB today for a quick response and let us make YOU feel fabu-LASH-ous!!


call for your appointment today

We can't wait to lash you up!

Foxy's is open Monday through Friday. We schedule by appointment only. Call 1-231-233-8464 (if we are with a client, leave a message and we will be sure to get back to you!!)... you can also message us on our FB page!!!

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Classic Full Sets: $200

1 week refill (45 minutes): $45
2 week refill (60 minutes): $55
3 week refill (75 minutes): $65
4 week refill (90 minutes): $100
Any fill over 4 weeks, or that would take more that 90 minutes to fill, is subject to the price of a full set. This is decided by your lash stylist after inspecting your lashes.

At the start of every lash appointment, clients must have at least 40 percent of their lash extentions attached to recieve an infill.

Volume Lash Full Set: $275

Add Volume lashes to any Classic fill for an upcharge of $15
We do require a 24 hour notice if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. No shows and last minute cancels will be subject to a fee at their next appointment.
-Full sets can take anywhere from 2-3 hours.
-In regards to refills, clients can choose/request for us to fill them according to the time/minutes, regardless of what week they are on during their refills if they choose.
However, if we schedule a refill by the week you are on and you do not specify that you want more or less time, then the time listed next to the week on the price list is the amount of time we will spend on that client.
Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have on our price list, procedures, or products.
-lash flares (15 extensions on each eye @ the outer corners... this is a one time service): $35
-brow wax: $10
Combo brow/lip wax: $15
-Extension removal: $20
-Lash tint: $40
-Lash Lift: $65
-Lash Lift/Tint combo: $85

Brow Lamination: $60

Brow Lam & Tint Combo: $85

Brow Tint: $40
-Lash fix, if needed: $20 added to your fill price


Come on in and let us frame those eyes!



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